Compassionate Communication

Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication (NVC) was created by Marshall Rosenberg for the purpose of helping people connect to themselves and to others.  NVC operates under the assumption that humans are fundamentally compassionate and that this natural desire to contribute to life is one of our most important needs.  This ability can be hindered by our conditioning most evident in how we think, talk, and interact with ourselves and others.  NVC provides practical communication tools that allow a person to both hear the feelings and needs of others and share their own feelings and needs, fostering connection and understanding for everyone.  The result is improved relationships and overall life satisfaction.  I have yet to find a more powerful tool for creating and sustaining a full and meaningful life.

I first was introduced to NVC in 1999 right after I graduated from the University of Oregon.  I was immediately struck by how helpful it was in learning how to connect with myself first.  Of course, it can be applied to any relationship in any context, situation or environment.

I have over 13 years of experience facilitating NVC in various settings.  I have had extensive training as well which includes a two week intensive training in Switzerland with Dr. Rosenberg.  Whether you want to improve your communication skills, work on a challenging relationship, participate in a group, or increase the effectiveness of a professional team, I provide coaching, training, and facilitation in one of the best tools to accomplish these goals.