There are times in life when a person may begin to feel what I can only describe as a longing.  At the beginning of my personal journey, it began as a longing for a sense of aliveness, meaning, and connection that I was not experiencing at the time.  It can be different for everyone but what is the same is the desire for change.

The irony in this is that change is also scary!  We come to identify with the ways we move through the world even if they start to actually  get us father from our needs getting met.  These are the moments when guidance can be helpful.

I work with people’s strengths and challenges to help them find the unique tools that are just right for them in their journeys towards health and happiness.  The path towards greater fulfillment in life begins the moment one feels this longing for something more and answering the call to one’s personal quest is one of the most rewarding gifts a person can give their self.