The great Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti once stated that,“…I cannot exist by myself.  I exist only in relationship to people, things and ideas…”.  He went on to discuss the process of self-understanding and discovery as the study of one’s relationship to the world and the people in it.

The people closest to us, our family, offer each of us the opportunity for profound self-growth as well as experiences of love and support not possible in other relationships.  However, with that also comes the truth that families can also stimulate great pain for one another due in part to those very bonds that hold them so close together.

My work with families begins with a fundamental respect and validation that every family is unique and has elements of inherent health and strength.  I have never seen a broken family, only a group of people that could benefit from a little guidance to get back to the love and connection that is already there.

I help families develop many effective tools for communication and parenting that have immediate affects on everyone.  Whether you are struggling with problems big or small, I bring years of experience providing family therapy and knowledge of the education system as well and can use this to help you address these issues.