Experiencing challenge and pain in a relationship is one of the hardest things a person can face in life.  We all live with a seemingly great paradox: we crave and need intimacy but are equally terrified of it.  Throughout my studies and journeys in life I have discovered that relationships offer us a vehicle for healing the wounds we’ve accumulated along the way or as a teacher once said, “Wounding only happens in relationship and therefore can only be healed in relationship.”

Thus, the turmoil and strife that wreaks havoc in our personal life actually becomes a path for deep healing and greater intimacy.  Working with couples is one of my deepest joys and my clients’ growth and courage continue to amaze and inspire me.  I work to create a sacred space of trust and safety to do this work that is so important.  I help people develop the skills necessary to hear and be heard and to identify all of the things that block them from the connection they want in their lives.

What I have learned is that commitment to being vulnerable, to being open, to being seen, when practiced by two people profoundly changes the patterns of interaction that have for so long blocked intimacy.  I will help you in this journey of creating a space where everyone’s needs matter and get fulfilled.